Would you like to stomp the grapes??

Have you ever thought you would like to stomp grapes like they used to in times gone by?

Maybe you havent but now that I have mentioned it you think it is a good idea.

Foot stomping was the way winegrapes were crushed before the mechanical techniques used today.

stompingDuring the month of March on Sunday 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th, come with us on a wine tour and get a chance to stomp the grapes. You will be able to tell your friends that you were instrumental in producing some quality Southern Highlands wine.

All you need to do is book one of our Sunday tours in March and make sure you wear or bring a pair of shorts that you are not worried about getting dirty (they are red wine grapes and if some of the juice splashes on them it may not wash out). A shirt that you are not fond of might be a good idea as well.

Come along and enjoy a day tasting great wine and take on the rare chance to stomp the grapes.

For more to book a tour or for more information use our booking page or call John on 0410590044