Here are some testimonials from recent guests of our tours.

Very Good tour! Loved how such a wide range of facilities were shown (1st included large variety of tasting options and information, 2nd got to experience the barrels and immature wine, 3rd gorgeous outdoor scenery for tasting.)
John was so accommodating and had an in depth knowledge of the wineries he shared with us. Thank for everything John!
Babet – 27th September 2015

Great day. Thanks john for your added value about bees, wines, wineries, everything.
Great Tour!
Bernadette – 27th September 2015

John, had a lovely day – Thank you.
Carolyn – 18th September 2015

Thank you John. It was a great day.
Thank you for organising our wine too!
Sarah – 29th August 2015

Loved John carrying purchases out to the van & water on board.
Overall great day & would recommend to others.
Nicole – 29th August 2015

Had a great day overall. Good wine, great company & fantastic driver. Thanks John!!!
Karen – 29th August 2015

Thank you, what a lovely wine tour. The best I have been on.
Jennifer – 15th August 2015

Really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for wearing the hat.
Karli – 25th July 2015

John, Fabulous Day
Amazing Lunch
Great Wineries.
See you next time 🙂
Anita – 22nd July 2015

Great tour, thanks John!
Andrew and Lisa – 18th July 2015

Great day thanks John
Matthew – 18th July 2015

Thanks John 🙂
We had an awesome time!
Hannah – 18th July 2015

Tertini –  very good, enjoyed cheese and info provided.
Eling Forest the best
John was a good tour guide – Very nice and informative.
Lauren and Tom – 18th July 2015

Thanks John for always emailing back. It is a shame we couldn’t get the whole group out. Next time!
Nick – 4th July 2015

Thank you so much for a fantastic day! John is brilliant & the wineries we went to taught us so much & provided amazing quality produce! Couldn’t thank you enough.
Dani – 4th July 2015

Wonderful day. All 4 wineries were worthwhile – great wines and very helpful staff.
Would recommend this tour to friends.
Libby 1st July 2015

Great day with no need for a designated driver to miss out.
Jane – 1st July 2015

Wonderful experience! John was very knowledgeable. The wineries were excellent.
Jennifer – 14th June 2015

Thank you John! Great tour!
Lauren – 14th June 2015

Great day. John was very informative of each stop and winery.
Would highly recommend this tour/area.
Mark – 13th June 2015

We had a wonderful time.
Thank you for the fantastic tour!
Tijana – 7th June 2015

Thanks for a great tour, it was a great experience.
Patrick – 7th June 2015

Thanks John for another great day.
David – 6th June 2015

Thank you John, had a wonderful day.
Debra – 6th June 2015

Great day, Thanks John
Really cool that you’ll send photos – Thank you
Appreciate you didn’t rush us and went with the flow but looked after us too.
You sharing your knowledge along the way was great – complemented the wineries.
Kydie – 6th June 2015

Overall it was an enjoyable day. Thanks John
Janeen – 6th June 2015

A great day again John.
Thank you for your excellent service.
Gail – 6th June 2015

Very very enjoyable, informative, delightful day.
Many thanks John.
Will recommend to family and Friends.
Judy – 30th May 2015

Will be recommending you to others.
Thanks for a great day.
Anne – 30th May 2015

Loved the whole day. Will definitely be recommending to friends (local and visitors)
Leanne – 30th May 2015

Thank you John – fabulous day.
Bernadette – 30th May 2015

It was a wonderful day. We learnt a lot about a very young wine region in Australia.
John is probably the best tour guide/driver/host that I’ve ever had. Wonderful Job!
Jessica – 29th May 2015

I would like to thank John for an awesome day.
The tour was definitely worth doing and would highly recommend to friends and family back home. Thank you for such a great day 🙂
Selina – 29th May 2015

Had a fabulous day. John was very welcoming, polite and ensured our party was well looked after.
Highly recommend the tour.
Thank you! 🙂
Danielle – 23rd May 2015

An overall relaxing and enjoyable day.
Mary – 23rd May 2015

Thanks John – you’re a great host.
Jane – 23rd May 2015

Thank you for a lovely day.
Hayley – 23rd May 2015

This was my first wine tour and it was nothing like I thought. It was better!
Leah – 17th May 2015

John was a fantastic tour guide/bus driver.
Very friendly, knowledgeable about the wines, the region and made the day very enjoyable in general.
Will definitely recommend!!!
Thanks heaps John!!!
Lecris – 17th May 2015

I would definitely recommend Highlands Food & Wine Tours to my family and friends. The picks were good. The scenery better than Hunter Valley and the wineries more personal and enjoyable. Our Guide John was excellent and it was nice that he joined us at lunch and provided more details about the area. Made it interesting especially since it was our first time.
Jade – 17th May 2015

Will definitely be booking again.
Lisa – 11th May 2015

Great job mate!!
Great door to door service.
Personable and  courteous.
I will definitely be recommending you & will try & organise another group.
Brett – 25th April 2015

John, your welcoming nature was refreshing. Your knowledge was valuable.
I had a magical, memorable and unforgettable day with my husband.
Your professionalism was superior. The tour was well planned and timed. I never felt rushed.
Thank you! I will most certainly be recommending you to friends. Take care.
Melissa – 25th April 2015

Awesome experience. Will be back for sure.
Jeyran – 19th April 2015

Excellent tour! Very nice tour guide and winery staff.
Nikky – 19th April 2015

Had the best day. Lots of laughs and met same really lovely people from Sydney and Canberra who joined our group to help celebrate my daughters 25th Birthday.
I sincerely think it is the best tour in our region and best value for money.
Thank you John, your the best.
Sharryn – 18th April 2015

The entire day was lovely. All hosts were very hospitable, the wineries were interesting and our guide John was fantastic.
A great day!!!
Emily – 18th April 2015

Very professional well organised tour. Thank you John!
Sue – 18th April 2015

Wonderful day!
John was a very welcoming, friendly man which made for a very enjoyable day.
Michele – 18th April

John was great at talking about the region and the wines from different wineries. Cellar doors were very informative, not pushy (which is lovely and actually makes you want to buy more) & very friendly.
Lunch was delicious with good choices.
Wonderful day – Thank you
Jo-Ann – 11th April 2015

Fun, relaxing, easy day with lots of good wine, Great tour. Highly recommended.
Noel – 11th April 2015

John the tour was great. Thanks, enjoyed every minute of it.
Phil – 10th April 2015

For me five wineries was probably too many, but that’s only because I am not a great lover of wines. I’m sure others would love 5 or more.
Lovely idea being driven around so hubby and I could enjoy having a taste before we bought.
Gail – 10th April 2015

Thank you, your knowledge of wine & wine making was impressive.
You are a great guide.
Rachel – 10th April 2015

Thank you for being a great host.
A very enjoyable tour.
Lesley – 10th April 2015

Thanks for the last minute booking.
We had fun and good lunch & wineries
Jessie – 3rd April 2015

Thank you so much for the day!
We will definitely be booking again!
Vanessa – 14th March 2015

Great day out. Bus, John the bus driver, company, all great.
Thanks for the great day out.
Carla – 14th March 2015

Thank you John for a great day.
Lianne and David – 14th March 2015

Had an excellent day. Thank you.
Daniel – 14th March 2015

John, thank you for today, it has been amazing. I don’t have anything bad to say about this beautiful day.
Dena – 7th March 2015

Really enjoyed the tour, it was great having our own driver and personal tour guide. Thought John was knowledgeable and helpful and made you feel welcome and relaxed on the tour. All and all it was an enjoyable day.
Rachael – 7th March 2015

Had a very enjoyable day, would definitely recommend it to other people. Personal, friendly, couldn’t ask for more. Thanks John!
Shima – 7th March 2015

We had a fantastic time and we will be back with friends to show of the best of the Southern Highlands wines! Thank you!
Alyse – 21st February 2015

We were impressed by the friendliness of everyone we met, particularly at Meadowcroft where we felt like we were sitting down and having a dink with old friends. We had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Thank you!
John – 17th February 2015

Great tour guide! Wonderful wineries and a great varieties of wines! Cheese platter was beautiful.
Rebecca – 15th February 2015

Thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing day. The tour was well paced and included just enough stops. Many thanks John!
Sandra – 14th February 2015

Great value for money. Perfect pace, great lunch. Just enjoyed the day. Thank you so much.
Karen – 14th February 2015

Great host – thanks for making a wonderful day John.
Diana – 14th February 2015

Great day out. Really good way to get to know Highlands/bio-dynamic wines.
Patrick – 11th February 2015

Thank you so much for a truly fabulous day! We had a wonderful, educational time and can’t wait to come back to explore some more!
Ellie – 11th February 2015

“Fantastic, loved it and I am not really a wine person. Will book again and recommend to friends!”
Zac – 9th January 2015

“Had a wonderful day. As a “beginner” it was a great learning experience.”
Rachel – 9th January 2015

“John, you were thoughtful and very kind. You always went above and beyond to be helpful. Really appreciate it. The cheese platter was a lovely touch.”
Amanda – 4th January 2015

“Thanks John for a great day!!! Very professional business, we will certainly be recommending you to our friends”
Sue – 3rd January 2015

“Fantastic time. Very informative and very helpful with my choice of wines for my wedding. Thank you!!”
Emma – 29th December 2014

“John was very accommodating and flexible. We really enjoyed having a chat with John and he allowed us to enjoy our experience – exactly the right balance you need. I will definitely be using his tour again and highly recommend John to our friends in the future.
Harks – 29th December 2014

“John was a fabulous wine guide. He has a lot of fabulous insider advice. Thoroughly enjoyed.”
Cordelia – 29th December 2014

“Top day. John ensured an easy enjoyable and relaxing day. Not easy for a day to run so smoothly. A really good experience. Many thanks for the day. Many new happy memories”
Chris 27th – December 2014

Here are some testimonials from people who have enjoyed previous tours with us while we were still Highlands Wine Tours.

“I will definitely recommend to my friends and family. Great day and great company”
Phil and Bec – 31 August 2014

“Thanks it was a great way to spend a Saturday. Got to see great wildlife, drink great wine and eat delicious food. What more could you want?
Sharon – 30th August 2014

“A perfect day to enjoy – size of tour was great.
The wineries & food a great experience to increase knowledge of wines and process!
Loved every moment. Keep up your great work!
Margaret – 30 August 2014

“John was professional, organised and friendly. Made the wine tasting seamless for our big group”
Regina – 30th August 2014

“Lunch divine.
Time taken to welcome us extraordinary.
Gentle pace such a great change from city stresses”
Terry and Helen – 30th August 2014

“Great day, very nice tour guide”
Leean – 23rd August 2014

“Great fun. A wonderful day full of laughs. Learnt a lot about process and different wines”
Maree – 23rd August 2014

“Great tour – enjoyed all the wineries. Cellar doors were extremely friendly and lunch was excellent.
Would highly recommend this tour, great value and a really great day”
Kevin – 19th July 2014

“Excellent tour guide John. We were looked after very well.”
Jennifer – 26th July 2014

“Our tour guide John was especially friendly and helpful. His personality will be a win for anyone who does his tours.
Enjoyed the music on the bus also”
Robyn – 26th July 2014

“Great tour guide, lots of fun, great scenery”
Kathleen – 19th July 2014

“It was a great day all round.
I was really glad to be introduced to the region by someone with local knowledge”
Caine – 23rd June 2014

“I had a thoroughly enjoyable day, something we don’t do enough of.
The guide was great. He was very informative and friendly”
Robin – 15th June 2014

“Very pleasant day!! Wineries were fab,staff very nice as well.”
Julie – 15th June 2014

“Great day out – perfect way to do a winery tour – great having the bus to ourselves so as not to disturb others.
Very comfortable bus.
Very friendly driver”
Catherine – 8th June 2014

“Very easy fun day. Being picked up and dropped off was great & a great selection of wines chosen.”
Maria – 7th June 2014

“Great tour, not commercial or forcing sales at all. I felt comfortable and safe and trusted that wineries were genuinely good/authentic.
Not rushed or to a strict timeline, really made this feel like a relaxed ‘tour’. Honestly did not feel so much like a tour. More like a friend showing us around. Couldn’t recommend it more!!”
Sarah – 24th May 2014

“John was an awesome driver,very professional and polite and also knowledgeable about wine and the area. Will be highly recommending John and the tours and will be definitely coming back!”
Gail  – 3rd May 2014

“very good tour John. No complaints. I would recommend you to my friends”
Justine – 29 March 2014

“Thank you! This was a wonderful & eye opening day. I will definitely recommend you to friends”
Naomi – 29 March 2014

“Lovely tour. Good wineries and nicely planned. Didn’t feel stressed and really enjoyed the day. Great to get a printout to learn where we were going as well as ordering food ahead to save time. John was awesome and we had a blast.
Vanja – 15 February 2014

wine tour 15 feb 2014 Tertini“Relaxed, no stress. Lots of variation between wineries”
Calum – 15th February 2014

“Just really enjoyed it. Well Impressed. Very freindly”
Billy – 15th February 2014

“Today was great. Thank you :)”
Louise – 15 April 2014

“You were very accommodating. Water+++
Anonymous 18 January 2014

“Great value for money”
Leilah – 18 January 2014

“John was great and great value for money”
Chauntell – 18 January 2014