La Truffiere

A Truffle Tour of my own.

I arrived at Yelverton Truffles on a crisp sunny Southern Highlands morning to have my own look at what the all the fuss is about truffles.

I was warmly welcomed by Ted and Barbara, as everyone is when they arrive for one of their truffle tours. Tea and coffee were available to warm the body in the cool Southern Highlands

Truffle presentation

Jet the truffle dog was a star during Ted’s presentation.

climate and soon everyone settled down for Ted’s interesting and educational presentation on truffles.

After the presentation it was time to move on to the truffiere.
After a short stroll down the hill to the truffiere is was time to put the shoe covers on our shoes. Truffles are a fungus and can be sensitive to other fungus spores being introduced to the truffiere.

Once everyone was looking splendid on there blue shoe covers and was finally time to get an up close at the truffles.

It wasnt long before truffles could be spotted poking up through the surface of the soil. Ted and Barbara certainly seem to have done something right with no shortage of truffles to be seen and even a few new ones spotted by some of the guests on the tour. Each truffle is marked as it is La Truffierefound so that Ted can keep track of and easily find the ones that have already been found.

After a short walk of the truffiere and some more interesting talk from Ted it was time to see Jet, the resident truffle dog, in action. A small piece of truffle was placed under a tree and jet was put to work.

Ted and and Jet wandered up a row of oak trees in search of the elusive truffle. It didnt take long for Jet to find the truffle, sniffing it out as soon as

Ted unearths a truffle.

Ted unearths a truffle.

he got close.

Just to prove it wasnt a fluke, Ted had the truffle hidden again, this time much further away. Jet was in no hurry stolling up the row of trees, sniffing here and there in search for the truffle scent that would see him rewarded with a treat. As soon as Jet reach the truffle he quickly locked onto the scent and located the truffle again.

With truffle found Jet was offered a food treat which was eagerly accepted. With Jet’s task at an end it was play time. Ted threw the ball him he chased it down with vigour.

Once we were finished in the truffiere it was time to return to the the presentation area where some delicious truffle treats were on offer. The treats on offer were truffle infused camembert.

Delicious truffle infused eggs

Delicious truffle infused eggs

truffle infused eggs topped with a shaving of fresh truffle and potato and leek soup with truffle butter and topped with shaved truffle.

It was great way to discover the flavour of this delicacy and everyone enjoyed the chance to try these delicious truffle samples.

The tour was great introduction to the interesting and tasty truffle and it was great to learn about its history and its versatility in cooking up some very tasty sound dishes that I hope to try. Of course I couldnt leave without some truffle and truffle infused eggs will be on the menu in our house in the near future as well as some other truffle inspired meals.


Our truffle tour on the 8th August still has a few spots available so be sure to book quickly for your chance to discover the interesting truffle.
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